Welcome to Le Clos Guivet, your Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Troyes.

Whether you are here on business or by other obligations or you have the desire to stop over and discover the Champagne Ardenne, here in the heart of “The Champagne Cork” of Troyes lies a jewel, a Bed and Breakfast with its combination of past and present.
You will be seduced by its natural charm.

Drop off your luggage in our safe haven, as timeless as the shadow of the Japanese Sophora that shades the garden.
Easily accessible, you can reach our Bed and Breakfast either (10 min walk from the station) by car from the medieval streets Vauluisant and Dominique, or on foot enjoying the history unfolding before your eyes by the rue François Gentil.
You will have the opportunity to leave your car in a space that will be reserved for you at the parking Michel Laclos.


Without a doubt this family were able to create this exquisite Bed and Breakfast by allowing their creativity and passion to flow from their hearts and into this magnificent Mansion.

By combining everything dear to their heart: intrigue, generosity, sense of beauty, attention to detail, and the will to bring the past back to life, they have managed to recreate the romance and seduction of the forgotten years.

This venture would probably not have come to fruition had it not been for the enthusiasm and sympathy to history, of the previous owners.

With Patience, the project has taken shape, obstacles have been removed and we are proud and happy to give you access to this outstanding residence, and its prestigious history in this city.


Thomas, our two children and I (Cecile), are happy to welcome you to Clos Guivet, a B&B located in the “Champagne Cork” in the heart of centre of Troyes, in a quiet and calm Islet.

We are located only a few hundred metres from shops, restaurants, tourist places and bus lines.

Our Bed and Breakfast is surrounded by two churches – St. Nicolas and St. Pantaleon – We are also neighbouring an elegant building from the sixteenth century now housing the Vauluisant museum. It is a place to discover the history of textile, paintings, sculptures and stained glass windows.

The known history of our residence

The history of our residence arises under Henry IV. In fact, part of our property was recorded in a notary’s deed dated November 20, 1597 and it has continued to extend over the centuries housing artisans and nobles.
A deed that was granted February 5, 1703 where it mentions its present size, with the estate being on the corner of rue de Varveu (current rue Guivet since 1911) and the rue de la clef de bois (now rue François Gentil).

This building has without doubt known the torments of a period where clerics opted for the Civil Constitution of the Clergy 1791; thus, Bishop Augustine Sibille who acquired this house on the 29th of August 1768.

We can read in:
The pastoral letter from the Bishop of the department of Aube, the procession of the vow of Louis XIII :
“[…] Began in Troyes before our episcopate, in our residence located rue de la clef de bois: Continuing from our consecration in the Episcopal house:
Fortunately completed and signed on August 1, 1791. […] ”
Augustin Sibille, Populus me sibilat at mihi plaudo
Solid as a fortress, it housed from 1899 to 1905 the man who became Colonel Émile Driant, son of General Boulanger, and novelist under the pseudonym Captain Danrit.

Assisting to promote large-scale projects, it has witnessed the Couturat and Guivet families’ thoughts and actions to improve and develop the hosiery in Troyes in Aube.
Joseph-Alexandre Guivet imported the cotton trade from England, which revolutionised the workshops of Troyes.
Remember that for decades Troyes was the undisputed capital of the Hosiery.

Mr Guivet lived his last years with his Aunt, Virginia Couturat, in this House.
Marie-Lucie Couturat ceded June 15, 1920.
Over time, this Mansion has experienced craftsmen, churchmen and men of art, people in arms, bourgeois entrepreneurs and philanthropists.
It is this “Step back in time” feeling that we offer to those staying in our guest rooms, the unique universe combining tradition and modernity.